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Professional Voice Over Artist in the Baltimore/Washington DC Metropolitan Area

      With her home studio, located in Bel Air which is in the Baltimore/Washington, DC metro area, Susan is able to turn out recordings in MP3 and Wave formats within 24 hours depending on the length of your project. She is capable of editing and mastering the recording so that the audio quality sounds smooth and quiet without the interference of background noise.  

    As the area's finest professional voice over artist, she makes sure clients are completely satisfied and is willing to make any additions or changes usually with no extra charge to be sure that this is accomplished. The recordings can be delivered by mailing a physical CD or DVD, e-mail sent by drop box or by other FTP internet delivery. Susan is also willing to do work in a professional outside studio if special sounds or music may be needed for an additional cost.  Although, most of her work can be done within her own studio at home, she is willing to travel to other destinations to complete your project, provided her travel and hotel accommodations are compensated by her client, or corporation in the case of commercial work for national

syndicated television or film work with movie studios.  

​     In addition to acx.com, you can find Susan's profile on unitedvoicetalent.com and

cartoonactors.com.  She is also on linkedin.com.

Contact Susan today at 410-652-9140 for voice over services in the Baltimore or Washington, DC metro area!

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